Dragon Kids draws on the principles extensive practice (both theoretical and hands on) of Dragon Education, based in China, where Chinese children learn foreign languages with foreign teachers who use the language as a tool for daily communication rather then a teaching tool. Today, knowledge of the English language does not impress anyone. It has become the expected standard. So Chinese has become the new English. Mandarin Chinese has a specific linguistic system that adults learn for several years, but children can learn easily and quickly.

Preschool children can control the phonetic system, also known as the sounds of a new language. Their speech organ is still flexible and therefore they can easily learn new pronunciation and mimic intonation. This also has a positive effect on the ability to understand from listening . Likewise, they are still learning their mother tongue and teaching three languages at the same time (mother tongue and two foreign ones) has a positive effect on the development of both cerebral hemispheres. A well-balanced involvement of both hemispheres is the best basis for increasing IQ, but also emotional intelligence, which is quickly gaining importance in today's world. The flexibility of a child's brain allows the way a foreign language is learned to be learned in a manner similar to the way they picked up their mother tongue.. According to scientific studies, children who start learning a foreign language at pre-school age have the best chance of mastering the phonetic system of the language. As a result, the children will possess better pronunciation and better understanding of people for whom it is the mother tongue. This skill will last and benefit them for a lifetime.

Our experienced teachers use many teaching practices , among them games and interactive activities. This method is a pleasant experience for children and at the same time they are able to learn effortlessly. Thanks to this teaching practice, children broaden their horizons as well as social and cultural awareness. In addition to the fun and interactive learning experience , it has been shown that learning a foreign language draws up memory and has a positive effect on their mental development.

Our methods are set so that children as young as 6 are able to communicate in three languages.

Our Dragon Kids Team

Members of our multilingual family include experienced Slovak teachers and professional foreign teachers and instructors who communicate with kids in their mother tongue. Our teachers have many experiences working in multicultural environments.

Slovak teacher, music teacher
Chinese language teacher, taichi instructor, music teacher
English, Portuguese and Spanish language teacher, yoga instructor
Ukrainian teacher